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Hire one of Zimply's diligent AI assistants. Free up precious time and job satisfaction in your company. AI and intelligent automation in a convenient and unique monthly subscription that includes everything.


How does it work?

It is easy to get an AI Assistant from Zimply. No time-consuming project starts. The start-up only takes a few hours, but we promise that the AI Assistant will save you lots of time in return.

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We need you 2 to 8 hours, to run through what and how we should automate.

Your time

2 hours


We adapt and develop the AI Assistant according to your specific needs.


1 Month

Assistant is live!

Sit back, we take care of support, operation and maintenance.



Celebrating colleagues Futur Pension

Where does an AI Assistant work?

An AI assistant can work in most industries where there are repetitive tasks (which people often want to avoid in order to have time for more important things).


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This is how Zimply's solutions have saved time

Meet some of our customers sharing how Zimply's AI Assistants helped them.

Gunilla Svensson, VD

Futur Pension – Automated Document Reading

Gunilla Svensson, VD
Ulrica Ekeroth, Wise

Wise Professionals – More time for the human touch

Ulrica Ekeroth, Commercial Director

Acne Studios – Higher Quality in Supplier Accounts Payable

Natalie Minnema, Head of IT Innovation and Digital Transformation

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