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Higher Quality and Security in Supplier Accounts Payable

Acne Studios needed to find a smart solution to verify that all information on the invoice is correct without requiring a lot of time from their employees. Zimply's AI assistants provide support and free up time.


By automating the accounts payable process, they can now ensure that all the information on the invoice is accurate, thus achieving a higher quality.




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Minimize repetitive tasks.

Acne Studios sells clothing to customers all over the world. In an industry that is constantly changing, it places very high demands on efficiency and smart services.

As a part of their efforts to improve efficiency, Acne recognized the need to streamline their accounts payable processes, especially given the large volume of invoices they receive from various suppliers. They needed a smart solution to verify the accuracy of invoice information without consuming excessive employee time.

"The ability to rent a robot without investing time and resources in infrastructure through the RaaS service also made it very easy to get started. Zimply manages and provides support for the robot, ensuring its well-being at all times."
Natalie Minnema, Head of IT Innovation and Digital Transformation


Automated the finance department.

Together with the team at Acne Studios, we identified which parts of accounts payable would provide the most value to Acne and its employees. Zimply developed an AI assistant that assists in the area by automating the approval process. The assistant verifies the invoice and then forwards it for payment. Nowadays, Zimply also helps other departments within Acne, such as IT, with test automation.


Time to focus on value-added tasks.

By automating the accounts payable, they have been able to ensure that all the information on the invoice is correct, thus achieving a higher quality. At the same time, they have freed up valuable time for the employees, allowing them to focus on more value-added tasks.

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