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AI assistants automate document scanning.

Zimply's AI assistant now assists customer service by continuously conducting a duality check on all application documents received.

In an operation that demands very high standards of quality, the AI assistant provides a sense of security.


Zimply's AI assistant automated the reading of application documents, understanding handwritten text, checkboxes, and digital text.



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Minimize the repetitive tasks.

Futur Pension aims to create the best conditions for long-term savings by offering the simplest and most secure processes and the most innovative solutions.

In a business that deals with many agreements and documentation, which demands high quality while providing quick and easy service to its customers, they needed to find an innovative solution that meets all these requirements.

"We had 22,000 scanned application documents in an archive system that needed interpretation, verification, and import into our new system. We rented an AI assistant (Franz) from Zimply. They trained Franz for the task, which delivered high-quality results in digital format. From start to finish in less than a month."
Fredrik Matsgård, Governance Officer


Automation of processes with regulatory requirements

Zimply hjälpte Futur Pension initialt inom kundservice, där de hade ett stort antal ostrukturerade inskannade ansökningshandlingar, som de snabbt och smidigt behövde få in i ett digital format. Zimply’s AI-Assistent automatiserade avläsningen, som krävde förståelse för handskriven text, checkboxar och digital text.

Som ett fortsatt arbete för Futur Pension att uppnå hög kvalitet internt och mot sina kunder, hjälper nu Zimplys AI-Assistent kundservice genom att löpande genomföra en dualitetskontroll på samtliga ansökningshandlingar som kommer in. Denna typ av kontroll är ett regulatoriskt krav från Finansinspektionen, där AI-Assistenten underlättar för Futur Pension att möta de höga krav på kvalitet som ställs.


Time to focus on value-adding tasks

By utilizing Zimply's AI assistants, Futur Pension has been able to free up valuable time for its employees, allowing them to focus on human interaction and value-added activities.

The employees are pleased to have this support, and Futur Pension can ensure high-quality service with a customer-centric focus. This innovative and secure solution simplifies the customer experience, aligning perfectly with Futur Pension's core values.

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