SBB - Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget

The manual and time-consuming work is now being done by AI assistants

In order to strengthen their sustainability efforts and keep track of energy consumption, SBB needed to collect data on the energy consumption of their properties.

This is something that was previously done manually by property managers but is now handled by Zimply's AI assistants.


The AI assistant can read electricity consumption, heating and water consumption, as well as district cooling. The AI assistant's work enables SBB to generate an accurate sustainability report.



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Minimize the repetitive tasks

Sustainability is a high priority for Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB). A significant part of their efforts is focused on controlling energy consumption. To achieve this, SBB needed to collect data on energy consumption in their properties. This task was previously carried out manually by property managers who physically inspected property meters.

SBB found this to be a time-consuming process with the risk of not being able to keep up, leading to substantial transportation costs. Given SBB's frequent property acquisitions and sales, which further complicated the task, they needed a comprehensive solution to save time and reduce costs. The focus was on finding a scalable solution that efficiently tracks energy consumption, simplifying SBB's sustainability efforts.

"The value for us is that we not only save a tremendous amount of manual work, but the real benefit is that we gain full control over our energy consumption. This is when we can truly commence our sustainability efforts."
Peter Olausson, Head of Residential


Automation became the savior in the chaos

In order to facilitate SBB's sustainability work and free up time for their employees, Zimply needed to think outside the box with their solution. To meet SBB's needs, Zimply developed an AI Assistant that, through a sophisticated AI algorithm, was trained to understand energy consumption obtained from other data sources, thereby avoiding the manual work previously required to check property meters.


Time to Focus on Value-Adding Tasks

The AI assistant can monitor electricity consumption, heating and water usage, as well as district cooling.

The AI assistant's work enables SBB to produce an accurate sustainability report, a crucial requirement from investors and a prerequisite for being listed on OMX. Through an innovative AI-based solution, they have facilitated SBB's efforts in building a sustainable future.

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