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AI in recession

How do you do more with less through automation?

During a recession, many companies face the challenge of doing more with less. With automation, companies can maximize both efficiency and cost savings in support functions, while also increasing revenue and efficiency within core operations.

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Bild på företagare som har infört automation i lågkonjunktur.
Bild på två personer som samtalar över en dator med Zimplys maskot på

AI as a Service

What is AI as a service? What is the alternatives? 

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various sectors, the concept of AI as a Service (AIaaS) or "AI as a service" is becoming increasingly prevalent. Here, you will learn what AIaaS is, how it works, its benefits, applications, alternatives, and future prospects.

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Responsible AI

What applies and how should one think about ethics and regulations?

AI is more than technology. It is also a matter of taking responsibility for ethics and regulations related to the entire business.

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Människa och teknik i harmoni
Bild på promt i ChatGPT och Zimply.

Explanatory article with practical tips

How can you use ChatGPT?

Here you get a clear and simple explanation of what ChatGPT is and how you can use it to get the best results - even if you don't have your own AI assistant. We also discuss risks and what users need to consider when using ChatGPT.

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With concrete examples of tasks to automate

What is an AI assistant?

Personal, digital, or virtual? Assistants, agents, chatbots, or robots? A beloved child has many names, with 'digital assistant' being a common term, but 'AI assistant' is becoming the most common. Here, we clarify the concepts.

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Ett gäng kollegor pratar med varandra där AI-assistenten Zimply tittar fram.
Bild på person med dator i handen och Zimply avatar som vinkar och ser glad ut. Förklarar Vad är AI?

Short questions and answers

What is AI and IA?

What is AI and IA - artificial intelligence and intelligent automation - really? Do you need to learn a lot of technology? What's the most important thing to understand? Where can you find comprehensive and reliable information? These and other common questions about AI are answered here.

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Advantages, challenges, opportunities, and many concrete examples.

AI - what every CFO needs to know

AI is currently revolutionizing finance departments at a rapid pace. In this article, as a financial leader like a CFO or Finance Director, you will receive practical advice on the most important aspects you need to be aware of as you navigate through this new AI era.

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En bild på en person med en dator och Zimply med en miniräknare.
Bild på en hand som håller i Zimply AI-assistent och med texten RPA.

 A comprehensive guide to Robotic Process Automation.

Learn what you need about RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that enables the automation of routine, time-consuming, and repetitive processes by interacting with applications, systems, and data through software robots. How does it work? Why is it important? What are the advantages and challenges?

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