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AI Assistants Automate Document Reading

Zimply's AI assistant now helps customer service by continuously conducting a duality check on all application documents that come in.

In a business that demands very high quality, the AI assistant provides reassurance.


Zimply's AI assistant automated the reading of application documents and understands handwritten text, checkboxes, and digital text.


Costumer Service

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Minimize repetitive tasks.

Futur Pension aims to create the best conditions for long-term savings by providing the simplest and safest processes and the most innovative solutions.

In a business where they work with a lot of agreements and documentation, which places very high demands on quality while wanting to offer fast and easy service to their customers, they needed to find an innovative solution that covers all these needs.

"We had 22,000 scanned application documents in an archive system where we needed to interpret, verify, and import it into our new system. We rented an AI assistant (Franz) from Zimply. They trained Franz for the task, delivering high-quality results in digital format. From start to finish in less than a month."
Fredrik Matsgård, Governance Officer


Automation of processes with regulatory requirements

Zimply initially assisted Futur Pension in their customer service department, where they had a large number of unstructured scanned application documents that needed to be quickly and smoothly converted into a digital format. Zimply's AI Assistant automated the document reading, which required an understanding of handwritten text, checkboxes, and digital text.

As a continued effort for Futur Pension to achieve high quality internally and towards their customers, Zimply's AI Assistant now helps customer service by continuously performing a duality check on all incoming application documents. This type of control is a regulatory requirement from the Financial Supervisory Authority, where the AI Assistant facilitates Futur Pension in meeting the high quality standards required.


Time to focus on value-added tasks.

Genom att ta hjälp av Zimplys AI-assistenter har Futur Pension kunnat frigöra värdefull tid åt sina anställda, som i stället kan fokusera på det mänskliga mötet och värdeskapande aktiviteter.

Medarbetarna är glada att få avlastning, samtidigt som Futur Pension kan garantera en hög kvalitet där kunden står i fokus. En innovativ och säker lösning, som gör det enkelt för kunden, vilket är helt i linje med Futur Pensions värdeord.

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