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More time for the human touch

As a recruitment agency, it's crucial to be present and engage with people in a meaningful way. With Zimply's solutions, our consultants can now focus on the human touch and value-added activities."


As a recruitment agency, it's essential to be present and engage with people in a meaningful way. Thanks to Zimply's AI assistant, our consultant managers can now focus on the human touch and value-added activities



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Minimize repetitive tasks.

As a recruitment agency, it's important to be present and connect with people on a real level; from managers in need of resources to job seekers looking to take the next step in their careers. However, as there are many parties involved in each recruitment, a lot of administration is generated around the management of contracts and onboarding.

"Don't think of it as a technological advancement, but think of it as an assistant. Where would you employ a human resource for tasks that are mundane and repetitive? Now you can use a robot, an AI assistant, in their place."
Ulrica Ekeroth, Commercial Director


Automation became the savior in the chaos

Zimply has developed an AI assistant that helps Wise Professionals onboard new employees by extracting information from employment contracts and client agreements. The information is verified in the systems, and the AI assistant creates a schedule for the new employee. This task is now handled by the AI assistant, relieving the consulting managers of this responsibility.


Time to focus on value-added tasks

Consultant managers can focus on the human interaction and value-added activities, such as matching the right candidate with the right employer.

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