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AI assistants streamline bankruptcy administration.

Zimply has assisted Lindskog Malmström in developing an AI assistant capable of handling the initial administrative tasks in new bankruptcy cases. Thanks to this streamlined management, time is freed up and can be allocated to other valuable activities.

The solution

Zimply's AI assistant assists bankruptcy proceedings by creating templates and preparing basic information in the documents that need to be established in all bankruptcy cases.



Lindskog Malmström Advokatbyrå

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Manual and repetitive tasks steal time

As one of Stockholm's largest insolvency firms, Lindskog Malmström was the law firm appointed in the highest number of bankruptcies in 2022. With a significant influx of bankruptcies comes extensive administrative work, involving tasks such as verification, archiving, and communication with banks and authorities.

Virtually all of these tasks are recurring in all bankruptcies, regardless of the size of the bankrupt company, and Lindskog Malmström was looking for a solution to streamline and automate these processes.

"The successful development and implementation of Zimply's AI assistant demonstrate our commitment at Lindskog Malmström to be at the forefront of the legal field. The AI assistant frees up resources that we can allocate to value-added activities"
Maria Strand, Assistant


The AI assistant takes over the initial repetitive tasks

Zimply helped Lindskog Malmström find solutions for repetitive tasks through Intelligent Automation, which can now be performed by digital assistants.

The assistant handles the initial phases of bankruptcy proceedings by extracting company information and financial reports, conducting conflict of interest checks, cross-referencing with patent and registration authorities for domain and patent registrations, sending inquiries to banks regarding involvements, creating templates, and preparing fundamental data for the documents needed in all bankruptcy cases.


Time for value-added work

Since the turn of the year, the number of bankruptcies has increased significantly, and it has been of great help to Lindskog Malmström to let the AI assistant handle time-consuming routine tasks. Thanks to this efficient management, resources can be freed up to focus on value-added activities.

Finally, Lindskog Malmström has affectionately named their AI assistant "Beppe," which has also introduced a new colleague that everyone appreciates.

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